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Summer Parties, this is how it's done.

With the first few days of sunshine and warmth finally upon us, it is definitely time to start thinking about those beautiful summer days and long summer nights that will (hopefully) be filled with 2017’s best events. Think festival vibes and welly wanging (not a euphemism) to posh prosseco & pimms-laden affairs in beautiful country garden marquees. You name it… its all happening this BST, but surely its going to be the same old, same old? Don’t get us wrong, we love summer fun, its just that sometimes it just gets a little bit… dare we say it – BORING.

Summer parties can become lacklustre and monotonous (after all, there has to be more to life than BBQ food and beer in an ice bath.. right?). Here at PG we like to keep things interesting and to help you do the same at your private functions or corporate events; here are our #PGTopTips to hosting a mindbogglingly-brilliant summer event.


Food & Drinks

It seems we’ve all suddenly become self-proclaimed foodies in recent years and food posts are, by and large, the most popular across all social media channels, (Yes… even after “Queen of social”, Kim K deemed the practice of posting food pics “not sexy”).

But this new phenomena has created a breed of event guests with very high expectations for picture-perfect grub! Think again before serving the standard slop and be innovative with how you serve your food. You can go as big as getting in unique and quirky food trucks for an outdoor event or for low key, more refined events, try the favoured trend of miniaturising popular foods, such as mini burger sliders or mini fish & chips, making them easily accessible and most of all #cute – no one can resist taking pictures of mini food.

But don’t stop at just food, match your cutting edge cuisine with au courant refreshment, queue the “Pimp Your Prosecco” stations, the Pimms bike and rustic cocktail bars. Frosé anyone?(that’s frozen-rosé to you non millennials)


Bear with us on this one, we know what you’re thinking… “there is nothing more tawdry than a dull and cheesy theme at an event.” And you’re right, themes really can make or break an event, if you get it wrong – it’s really wrong, but get it right and it is oh-so right and can really make your event stand out, especially in the corporate market – a real contrast to the obligatory conferences are a perfectly themed annual party! You want your guests to come away from their experience at your shin-dig wishing that it never had to end, not wishing it had ended sooner. Our tip is to ditch the kitsch and incorporate your theme in more subtle ways, such as with the food, drinks or you could even let your guests have fun with the dress-code. We love the idea of setting up an “Under the Stars” outdoor cinema at events as a cheeky little addition that will truly inspire your guests, why not hire a popcorn machine for a full on outdoor cinema vibe?! If you are opting for an outdoor venue, remember that oversized garden games are always a hit amongst guests and could tie in with some team building competition at your summer event! Our top themes for Summer parties in 2017 are:

  • Cirque – Roll up, roll up, this theme is set to give you a wild yet tres-chic evening.

  • Enchanted Garden Party – turn your average garden party into a magical wonderland.

  • Festival – why bring festival season to a halt with your corporate summer party when you can just keep the vibes going.

  • Mad Hatter’s Tea Party – peculiar, unique and memorable, what more could you ask for?

  • Carnival – from Caiprihana’s & Brazilian BBQ to steel bands and Salsa, its all there to recreate the enchantment of Rio.

Music & Lighting

If you’re holding a transitional event that goes from day to night, there really is no other way to set the mood than with the perfect balance of music and lighting. Fairy lights have their place and they really are a staple to any outdoor event for just a touch of panache, but why not take your lighting to the next level and get some oversized 1930’s marquee letter lights to really set the tone?

What about hanging old lightbulbs from the trees and filling them with flowers or candles for a truly romantic feel? Ever heard of Fairy Berries? You better acquaint yourself with them pronto, because they are EVERYTHING. They turn even the dullest space into a real life fairy tale.

But lighting is only half the battle, your music game needs to be STRONG to impress your guests – DJ’s are usually the champion at events, but try something unique and hire a vintage jukebox so your guests can select their own playlist for the night. Sick of hearing the same old pop songs? Bring in a talented live performer or band and set up a festival tent to create a beautifully authentic summer function. Your little jamboree will literally be #GOALS.

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