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Hotel Consultancy


Pink Grapefruit can Increase your Profitability by:


  • Carrying out an Audit of the Revenue Office

  • Identifying Strengths & Weaknesses

  • Inspection of Channel Management (TPI's, GDS)

  • Extranet Positioning & Systems Advice

  • Staffing Structure & Productivity and Staff Coaching

  • Analysing Statistical Data (Market Segment, Source, Demographics)

  • Rate Strategies & Negotiation

  • Supplier Relationships


Pink Grapefruit can provide the following services:


  • Holiday Cover

  • In Between Recruitment & Recruitment Assistance

  • Manager Mentoring & Guidance

  • Seeking to implement the role of Revenue Manager

  • PMS Upgrades & Sourcing GDS Representation


This service is geared towards independent properties, smaller chains & hotels and new properties.


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